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Welcome to Big Red's Concrete Contractors

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

A Glimpse into our Concrete Company

Meet the owner behind Big Red's Concrete Company, our founder and owner, John "Big Red" Kalamafoni. With a passion for precision and a commitment to quality, John has been at the forefront of concrete craftsmanship for over two decades. His nickname, "Big Red," reflects not only his towering presence but also his dedication to delivering big results on every concrete project. John's hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have made Big Red's Concrete a trusted name in the concrete contractor industry. Under his leadership, we continue to excel in creating durable, beautiful concrete solutions that transform houses, whether that is wilh a new or repaired driveway, walkway, patio, staircase, or any other residential concrete project.

Big Red's Cocnrete owner and wife
Big Red's Cocnrete owner and wife

John Bring the Concrete Experience

John started out working for his father's concrete contracting company at the age of 12. Working with his father till his early 20's, John then moved into commercial concrete industry where he worked at for over a decade. From initially working on residential concrete with his father to growing his knowledge and experience with commercial concrete, John has a vast knowledge on anything to do with concrete. In 2020 John decided to venture out and start his own concrete business which you see today! Big Red's Concrete!

Thanks for Reading About Our History

Thanks for reading up on how Big Red's Concrete company got started and the experience John brings to the table when you hire us as your local concrete contractor. What else would y'all like to hear about? Leave us a comment and we can start a blog list!

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